In the summer of 2002, three girl-led bands from Merseyside were invited by New York-based artist Kristin Lucas to write songs about their visions of the future. Sometimes wistful, sometimes defiant, the resulting songs - Like a Lady, Right to Speak and Science and Nature - reflect the young women's concerns with the environment and global politics as well as personal dreams and aspirations.

Flamingo 50's Science and Nature was transposed for brass bands by composer Paul Mitchell Davidson and performed by Rainford Silver Brass Band in a unique open air performance on Liverpool's Waterfront Walkway in September 2002.

Celebrations for Breaking Routine is a major installation and touring exhibition project (including video works of the three songs) - by Kristin Lucas. Collectively, the project presents a challenge to those visions of the future shaped by large corporations and their marketing strategies. Lucas works with video, installation, performance, and the World Wide Web to address and question the presence and effects of technology in a media saturated world.

Celebrations for Breaking Routine is a FACT Collaboration Programme Commission.

The exhibition Celebrations for Breaking Routines runs from 10 May 22 June, at FACT, Liverpool. For more information: www.fact.co.uk

The commission also tours to [Plug in], Basel, 5 - 29 June and includes local bands Equal and Dew. For more information: www.weallplugin.org

Commission On-line June 2003